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Jan. 24 class agenda & Blog post 1 reminder

January 23, 2012

For class today, you should have watched the video “The machine is (changing) us” and written a post that reflects on your relationship with technology. Your post must:

  • Include a relevant reference to at least one point discussed in the video
  • Include an in-text link to the video (such as the one above)
  • Use complete sentences
  • Be at least 250 words
  • Include a headline that will entice people to read your post (start with Blog post 1, so the assignment is identifiable. Example — Blog post 1: My iPhone rules my life)

This assignment is worth 15 points and is due at the start of class.

Reminder about the grading policy: You must come to class on days when assignments are due (such as blog posts) if you want them to be graded.

In class, we’re going to talk about the video & some of the big take-aways from it, so be prepared to talk about that individually and in groups.

We’re also going to make a few changes to your blogs and talk about making comments on each other’s blogs because…

For Thursday: Comment on a classmate’s blog post 1. Your post must be:

  • At least two complete sentences
  • Demonstrate insight about their post (“I like your blog” is not an insightful sentence.)
  • Be constructive and respectful of their opinion

You MUST check your blog before class on Thursday and approve the comment(s) from your classmates.

You also need to update your “About me” page on your blog and include:

  • At least six complete sentences
  • Two in-text links

Also: We have a guest speaker on Thursday, so attendance will be taken.


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