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Feb. 9 & Media diary assignment

February 8, 2012

Reminder: Blog post 2 is due at the start of class today.

For it, you should read the State of the News Media report on newspapers, and answer the questions: What do you see as the future of news, and specifically, newspapers?

Your post must have/be:

  • At least 250 words
  • At least one link to an outside source (an example, commentary, etc.) NOT the report linked above
  • Headline that reflects your thoughts in no more than 8 words (Tip: “The future of newspapers” is not a headline that reflects your thoughts)

Today’s agenda: We’ll discuss your visions for the future of newspapers (Is there a future?) and go over the details of the Media Diary assignment, which is due at the start of class on Tuesday.

For next Tuesday: Read Generations & their gadgets and Consumer usage report

Media Diary assignment: Due start of class Tuesday

For 48 hours, keep track of your media use & information consumption

  • Internet
  • Apps
  • Traditional media (newspaper, TV, radio, books)
  • Social media

Log your use

  • Type of media used
  • Length of time used
  • How used
  • Why used

Write a commentary for your blog (draw on the assigned readings)

  • How do you think your media use compares to others in your demographic?
  • How do you think it compares to other generations?
  • What surprised you about your findings?
  • What does it say about who you are?

Diary post guidelines

  • At least 300 words
  • At least 2 subheads to break up text
  • At least 2 links to relevant info (assigned readings are OK)
  • Headline of no more than 8 words that reflects your commentary
  • Bring your log pages to class to turn in

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