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Feb. 16 class & quiz reminder

February 15, 2012

Today’s agenda: Today we’re talking about magazines! For my part of the class, we’ll focus on how magazines have influenced social change. We’ll also have a student presentation.

Reminder: Ch. 4 quiz is due by the start of class

For next Tuesday: We’re moving on to advertising. Take the Ch. 10 quiz before the start of class! Also, the extra credit opportunity (see below) is due.

Extra credit: Find an example of social change material in the media — it can be from any medium we have covered in class thus far:

  • Photograph(s)
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Book

In a blog post, write ~250 words discussing the impact of the social change material you found. Include a link to the material you’re talking about — the link must be to the original source. (Also, your headline should reflect your analysis.)

  • What is its link to social change?
  • If historical, did it having a lasting effect? Will it continue to have the same effect?
  • If contemporary, what effect do you think it will have?

Extra credit blog post is due by the start of class on Tuesday & is worth up to 10 points. *You must email me to let me know you did the post & include a link to your post*


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