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Feb. 21 class agenda & reminder for quiz, extra credit

February 20, 2012

Today’s agenda: We’re moving on to advertising with a brief presentation from me, as well as two students.

Reminder: Take the Ch. 10 quiz before the start of class! Also, the extra credit opportunity (see previous post) is due by the start of class. Please email me if you do the extra credit post so I know whose blogs to check out.

For Thursday: More advertising! Read The future of advertising is coming, and check out some of the success stories in Facebook marketing solutions.

Blog post 3 is due by the start of class Thursday. You have two options for it:

  1. Compare the “Future of advertising” piece with the success stories one. Are those companies doing “future” things? What else do you see as the future of advertising?
  2. Find news articles that discuss how advertisers find out about your online activity and what they do with that info. What are the pros and cons to you of having that information available to advertisers? For inspiration, you might check out this article from the New York Times about how companies, such as Target, learn your shopping habits and individualize ads for you. Another piece from NPR examines how companies get info and personalize ads for you. (Remember, though, that the assignment is about your online activity.)

Requirements for Blog post 3:

  • 250 words
  • Proper grammar/punctuation
  • Complete sentences
  • At least two links (NOT the assigned readings)
  • Interesting headline that reflects your post

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