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Feb. 23, blog post 3 reminder & advertising analysis info

February 22, 2012

For today: Blog post 3 is due! (See previous post for details) We’re going to talk about the future of advertising and advertising ideology, and then take a look at some ads and ad campaigns.

For Tuesday: Your advertising analysis is due and we’ll talk about them in class.

Advertising analysis assignment

Use the Gender Ads Project or ads you find elsewhere, and look at the message the ads are trying to portray — what do the patterns tell us? What stereotypes do you see? How could the ads be redesigned (and why is yours more effective?)

  • Consider how advertisements influence how you see yourself: What is their role in how you construct your identity (including beyond gender)?
  • Consider some of the larger issues we’ve talked about: Consumer culture, advertising literacy, and advertising ideology

Your assignment should be posted to your blog:

  • At least 300 words
  • Links to at least two ads that play a role in your discussion (OK to use Gender Ads Project for links. If you insert photos of the ads directly into your blog, you still need to include links to the original source)
  • One link to another source (i.e. commentary that supports your discussion and is NOT from the Gender Ads Project) An example: Commentary from the Yahoo! homepage about a Levi’s jeans ad campaign that backfired
  • Headline that reflects your blog post’s content

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