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March 29 class & extra credit option

March 28, 2012

Today: We’re talking about movies — for my part of class, classic movies in particular. We’ll also have two student presentations.

  • Don’t forget to take the Ch. 7 quiz by the start of class!

Extra credit opportunity (up to 10 points)

Watch a classic film that you haven’t already seen and write a 250-word review that addresses these questions:

  • Does the film deserve to be called a classic? (and who called it a classic?)
  • Why/not is it worthy of classic status?
  • What does the film tell us about ourselves?
  • How does it relate to issues we’ve discussed in class?

In your blog post, include a link to the website that deemed the film a classic, and don’t spend a great deal of time writing a synopsis of the film. Your post should analyze the questions above.

Due: 5 p.m. next Wednesday (April 4)

Next Tuesday: We move on to Ch. 8 and television/cable. The chapter quiz is due by the start of class. We’ll have two more student presentations and then take a field trip to the TV studio in Xavier Hall. (Did you know we have one?)



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