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May 3 — last class!

May 2, 2012

Thursday’s agenda: It’s our last class of the semester and we’re reviewing for the final!

Due: Bring 10 questions & answers for possible use on the final.

  • 1 question must be related to social media materials we’ve covered
  • 1 question must a short-answer format

Bring hard copies to class — 1 page of questions, 1 page of answers — AND post the q&a materials to your blog. *Remember to put the page numbers for your answers if the question is from the book. If it’s from a presentation, list the presentation name/date*

Final details: Our final starts at 8 a.m. next Thursday (May 10). Please be on time.

A few reminders:

  • The final is open book, open note BUT you cannot use a computer or other electronic device to access your notes
  • The final will be worth 50 points
  • The final may consist of multiple choice, true/false, matching and short-answer questions
  • The final will cover material from March 20 through the end of the semester (Ch. 5-9, 11, Digital divide & social media)

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