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About the class

Course description
We live in a swiftly changing media landscape, having tonavigate a world of media options, engage in public policy disputes about the impact of media, and adapt to new modes of communicating with other people. This introductory course provides students with the background and critical skills necessary for understanding how media work and how they impact our everyday lives. By focusing on history, structure, and contemporary issues, the course seeks to give students critical media analytical skills necessary to succeed as professionals, citizens, and members of a community.

Course objectives
Students in this course will gain a variety of skills and knowledge, including:
• Have an understanding of the development of our current media system
• Be aware of political, economic, and social issues surrounding media today
• Develop critical skills for understanding the impact of media on our lives
• Understand the relationship between culture and media
• Be able to critically analyze media messages
• Be able to understand basic vocabulary of media industries and media research
• Have the tools to live as citizens and professionals in a changing media

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